Regeneration… By The Numbers

dvd series 7

409 On the flip side the shortest regeneration story is Paul McGanns The Night of the Doctor, consisting of 1 mini episode that all together amounts to 409 seconds!! (6 minutes and 49 seconds!!) 13 Out of the official 74 companions of the Doctor only 13 (Well 12 so far, with Clara no doubt adding to the mix very shortly) have had the privilege of being by the side of the Time Lord when the end came. These were Ben and Polly for the First Doctor, Sarah Jane and the Brigadier for the Third; Nyssa, Tegan and Adric for the Fourth Doctor; Peri for the Fifth; Melanie for the Sixth, Rose for the Ninth Doctor; and Rose (again), Jack and Donna for the regeneration of the Tenth Doctor to the Meta-crisis Doctor. It seems Patrick, John, Paul, Sylvester and David (the second time around) preferred their regenerations to be a private affair! 3 It seems that the word that is repeated the most by the Doctors when they reach their final moment is Dont, which is muttered in 3 Doctors final phrases: Jon Pertwee reminds Sarah Jane to look on the brighter side of regeneration, A tear Sarah Jane? No dont cry Peter Davison, in a confused worried rant (possibly distracted from 2 round invaders to his vision) mutters, I might regenerate. I dont know. Feels different this time And of course, who could forget the heartbreaking plea of David Tennant, I dont want to go 4 On the topic of the final words of each Doctor, 4 of the regeneration scenes have had the Doctor mention past companions. The Ninth Doctor mentions Rose, the third again mentions Sarah Jane, the Eighth canonizes his Big Finish Companions, and the Fifth remembers Adric. 2 Only 2 of the Doctors regenerations have happened at the start of an episode, and both include Sylvester McCoy! Due to Colin Baker unfortunately not being asked back to film a regeneration scene (let alone a whole episode!) the regeneration from the sixth to the seventh Doctor was included in the opening few moments of The Time and the Rani. The second of course was the regeneration to Paul McGanns eighth Doctor in the 1996 TV Movie. 11 The human race is the species that is featured in the most regeneration stories (11), with all except Night having a confirmed human presence (Yes Cass looks like a human but so does the Doctor!) The Time Lords follow in second place featuring in 8 regeneration serials (of course not including the Doctor) including the War Chief in The War Games, Kanpo in Planet of the Spiders, the Master in Logopolis, The TV Movie, The End of Time and a cameo in The Caves of Androzani (DIE DOCTOR DIE!), the Rani in Time and The Rani , and only the population of Gallifrey in The Day of the Doctor. The Daleks follow in the lead with 4 appearances (The War Games, The Day of the Doctor, The Parting of Ways, The Stolen Earth) and the Cybermen 3rd on the list with 2 appearances both of whom will be appearing in this years special, The Time of the Doctor 7 Out of the 12 regeneration scenes, 8 have taken place within the TARDIS, more specifically in the main Console Room. Who can blame Doctors 3, 4, 7 and 8 for popping out to get a bit of fresh air! Of the remaining regenerations, 3 took place on Earth and only 1 ever on the soil of an alien planet.

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