Huge Numbers Of Doctors And Nurses Abandon The Uk

We believe that if junior doctors do not anticipate attractive long-term training opportunities in Scotland, they will seek them elsewhere. In order to retain trainees, the Government must ensure the number of training places available is based on accurate and realistic workforce planning which matches the anticipated service need for consultants and GPs. The Royal College of Nursing Scotland Associate Director Norman Provan said: The RCN Labour Market Review of 2012 paints a picture of an overstretched and under-resourced workforce. More nurses are now moving abroad than are coming to the UK to practice. At the same time as we have this net loss of nurses, we have increasing demand at home due to demographic trends. Many junior doctors emigrated after failing to get jobs when health chiefs reorganised medical careers in 2008. At the time more than 30,000 were left chasing just 22,000 jobs. Since then shortages have been reported across the NHS. A spokesman for the Scottish Government said: Around 10% of medical staff will travel to other parts of the world to further their education and gain valuable experience. This movement works both ways with NHS Scotland being able to employ specialists for hard to fill vacancies from across the EU and the rest of the world. Health boards are responsible for determining staffing including vacancies. We have over 5,300 more than in 2006 which is a 3.6% increase. Officials at the Department of Health insisted there is no shortage of doctors and nurses in England. guest 26 days ago It will be one way because under the new Revalidation rules, if a Dr wishes to return, he/she must have an appraisal which requires them to work here for 6 months first but as there is no funding for this, they have to do this for free.

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