Doctor Who – A Global Phenomenon: Part 2 Canada

Why doctors are leaving Canada

The internationally renowned weekly online podcasts of Radio Free Skaro originate from Vancouver and Edmonton, and are hosted by the self-designated The Three Who Rule (Warren Frey, Steven Schapansky and Chris Burgess). I KNOW I have left out those many other groups who should be acknowledged but of which I might not be aware (so please let me know, politely)! When all of these are combined with internationally based websites like DWTV, Canadian Whovians of the 21st century are linked and sharing with each other and with everyone else interested in Who, all around the world. Record Breaking! Even before the actual special on November 23rd, Canadians, like so many other Whovians worldwide, have been celebrating the 50th anniversary for much of 2013. 160 of them EXTER-MI-NATED their way into The Guinness Book of World Records after the largest number of Daleks gathered in one place and one time during this past summers annual Fan Expo Canada (the equivalent of San Diegos Comic Con). And yes, Canada is still standingthese Daleks were not only stylishly attired but were well-behaved as befits our Canadian image: we are legendary for saying Sorry! even when we DONT bump into someone. I know, because I said it 4 times yesterday during rush hour in a busy city and it was said to me at least twice, always after a near miss! There were many cosplaying Doctors and Amys and Claras at Fan Expo as well, watching in awe as Colin Baker, shook the walls of Torontos Convention Centre with his impassioned Sixth Doctor reading of the Eleventh Doctors Take It All, Baby speech from The Rings of Akhaten, an impromptu, fan-requested performance that subsequently spread like wildfire on You Tube. A Canadian tribute As I end this look at Doctor Who in Canada, I wish to visit page one. As Canadians, our link to Doctor Who is deeper than many of us realize and that connection is being paid tribute to both in The Bells of Saint John and in the celebratory Doctor Who Fiftieth Anniversary trailer released in late October in which a large red maple leaf floats near a breathtaking image of Clara. In Bells, a large maple leaf figures prominently when the Doctor, after placing the sleeping Clara on her bed and leaving a snack of Jammie Dodgers and water on a table nearby, discovers (the nosey Doctor!) a large red leaf tucked inside the front of Claras book, 101 Places to See, and holds it up high for a sniff, a lick and a quizzical look. As the episode ends, the Doctor asks, Clara, in your book, there was a leaf. Why? And she responds, That wasnt a leaf. It was page one. Later we would learn that this leaf signifies Claras origins, her beginning, when her parents first met. But there is another beginning, another page one being referred to!

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One in nine Canadian-trained doctors — including one in five specialists — is now practicing in the United States. We suspected the number was high, but not that high. No wonder there is a shortage of doctors in Canada, and nearly two million of us are without a family physician. It’s also not hard to see the underlying cause of the exodus: socialized medicine. The exodus began in the mid-1980s, coinciding with the passage of the Canada Health Act (CHA), which all but outlawed private care, forbade user fees and banned extra billing by physicians. Fed up with government-monopoly health care, many voted with their feet. The CMAJ authors (Robert L. Phillips, Jr., Stephen Petterson, George E. Fryer, Jr. and Walter Rosser) conclude that about 12,000 Canadian-educated physicians are now living in the United States. As the authors point out, “this is the equivalent of having two average-sized Canadian medical schools [out of a total of just 17] dedicated to producing physicians for the United States,” every year for 25 years. While there has always been some emigration of Canadian doctors, it is notable that the trend picked up momentum in the 10 years immediately following the passage of the CHA in 1984. The study’s authors do not make this connection, but it is easy to see from their graphs the dramatic spike in physician departures from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s as governments gained more and more control over primary and specialized care.

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Canadian doctors barred from performing ‘virginity tests’

The Montreal Gazette reports the Quebec College of Physicians issued the decree after two University of Montreal ethics specialists were alerted by school staff to separate incidents involving the matter. Imagine a doctor who does a gynecological examination with the sole purpose of … it goes beyond the imagination. And its degrading to women, Charles Bernard, president of the College des medecins, told The Gazette. The Quebec College of Physicians is, among other things, responsible for dispensing ethical guidance on medical issues for its many member physicians. The Gazette writes University of Montreal ethicists were contacted by a clinic nurse after a young woman asked the health professional during a routine medical exam whether, she was still marriageable. But by then, it seems the ethicists were already grappling with the issue. Two weeks prior, the same researchers reportedly fielded a call concerning an adolescent whose family had forced her to undergo a chastity test at a local clinic. The girl subsequently told her school nurse, who then contacted the university. We got the impression that the physician was pressured by the family in the emergency room. The father was very insistent about having the certificate, and to get rid of the problem, the doctor did it, University of Montreal researcher Marie-Eve Bouthillier reportedly said. The Gazette writes Canadian officials have focused on the issue of late, or since the bodies of four women of Afghan descent were discovered in Ontario in 2009. They were reportedly murdered by relatives in so-called honor killings. Trending In Health 1

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