Cure For Ibd Disease Closer: Gastroenterologist

I wish I could take it all away from them, she said. Her son requires more than $40,000 worth of medications per year to manage his disease. She worries that soon he will not be covered by the family insurance policy and that paying for the drugs will be a burden for him for the rest of his life. My strategy to cope with the IBD in my family is to do anything I can to help. I volunteer, raise money and speak to other parents whose children have been diagnosed, she said. Its a common disease, but people arent talking about it. Each year, the Scully family participates in the CCFCs Gutsy Walk, to raise money for IBD research. Her children have raised more than $100,000 in pledges since they began participating. I am more committed than ever to improving my childrens future, Scully said. We need to find a cure for IBD, but in the meantime we need to help people live with it. Dr. Hillary Steinhart, the head of the division of gastroenterology at Mount Sinai, spoke about what its like as a physician to see the impact of IBD. Ive been in this field for 21 years, and while treatments and surgeries have changed, the impact of IBD is still the same, he said. I am proud to be part of this centre of excellence, where weve been able to harness the energy and talent of some brilliant people into one place.

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