India Is The Place To Be, Say Home-bound Doctors

The alarming growth of cancer is also one factor drawing doctors to Bangalore. Dr Ajai gets about 15 applications from doctors in the 30-40 age group every year. From paediatric oncologist to hepato biliary surgeon at HCG, the specialists who have returned to Bangalore are from across the spectrum. Ask Dr Pallavi Rao, pathologist, who got back to Bangalore from the UK with her radiologist husband Dr Srikanth Narayanaswamy, why she took the call. “We were there from 2005 to 2012. We chose to come back home as it stopped exciting us there,” she says. Ditto with Dr Rekha Bhatt who joined the Manipal hospital after winding up her practice in the US. “Go there to study but get back here. India is the place to put your studies to use,” says the pathologist. For many, it is the learning experience that matters. There is no TB, dengue or malaria in western countries. “For doctors, especially youngsters, treating diseases that are prevalent means more exposure. India is a great lab for doctors because of the sheer size and the number of surgeries we do,” says cardiologist Dr Devi Shetty. “Coming back was no compromise for me. I began to feel that Bangalore was in no way inferior to other countries, especially in my area of specialization,” says endocrinologist Dr Karthik Prabhakar who left for the UK in 1998 only to get back to the city.

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